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Are you leaving money on the table? Customers (like yours) are looking for more ways to grow their business—by offering custom website design you can expand your services and gain a new revenue stream (without having to hire new employees or buy expensive equipment).

You Already Have Customers ThatLoveYou.

Did you know that it costs five times as much to attract a new customer than to keep an existing one? The first rule of any business is to retain customers and build a loyal relationship with them and thereby avoid customer acquisition costs.

I spent over 15 years in the print world, and any time we wanted to expand our offerings it meant buying (and maintaining) expensive equipment or hiring and training new staff. These ventures would take years to start showing a return on investment…

Outsourcing website design is completely different.

By partnering with a website developer with established processes for white-label services, you can start selling websites to your customers immediately without ever spending a dime.

Plus, website design and development gives you opportunity to setup recurring services for clients (like maintenance & SEO) that you can bill for each month.

The benefits of wholesale web design

It's a Really Simple Process

Offer Website Design Services to Existing Clients

Our services are completely white labeled, meaning your customer never has to know you are subcontracting the work.

We Quote the Job, You Decide Your Margins

Our wholesale pricing gives you the freedom to make your margins whatever you are comfortable with on a per-project basis.

We Take Care of Everything (Yes, We Mean EVERYTHING!)

We'll handle the entire process of developing your client's website. You don't need to acquire any new skills or equipment.

You Collect Profits and Retain Existing Customers

Unlike one-off print jobs, websites require an ongoing relationship with clients with recurring revenue opportunities.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Couldn't I Just Do This Myself?

You certainly could learn to build websites yourself, but know that there is a learning curve. If you want to build a powerful website that helps achieve your client’s goals you will have to dedicate yourself to learning a whole new field. Why not save that time? We already have the tools in place and you can reap the rewards!

How Much Will it Cost Me?

My services cost you NOTHING. There is no signup fee, no ongoing costs, or any fees. Each job is billed individually, and you can set your own margins (typically 50-100%+). I am always here to answer questions, give advice and help you sell more projects- that will never cost you a thing!

What is "White Labeling"?

“White Label” means that I will scrub my information from the project entirely. Once the project is paid for you retain all creative and reproduction rights. It’s unlikely your customer will ask who is building the website and it will appear as if you did. You probably already outsource services or products, it’s a common way to increase revenue without adding expense.

I'm Worried That Some of Our Services Overlap

Yes, OGAL Web Design offers many visual communication services and it’s possible some of our services overlap. That’s why my contract explicitly states that I will not and cannot contact your customer for any reason unless you give me your express written consent.

How Much Does a Website Cost?

The cost of a website depends on the scope of the project and the features it will contain. Each project will be bid individually, but most of my small business websites range from $2,500-7,000. My other resellers typically mark up my charges from 50-100% or more. Depending on your market you may fall on the low or high end of that scale.

What are the Recurring Revenue Opportunities?

It’s common for website developers to offer maintenance packages that cover everything from hosting to backups, edits, security and more. This is a great opportunity to setup a monthly maintenance plan with your customer to keep their site up-to-date. This can allow you to secure ongoing revenue from each website you sell.  You can handle the maintenance yourself, or contract me to do it for you.

Why Print & Sign Shops Choose OGAL

Kyle Van Deusen Social

Kyle Van Deusen, Owner - OGAL Web Design

I spent 15 years in the print industry...

Hey there!  My name is Kyle Van Deusen, and I spent over 15 years in the print industry as a graphic designer and store manager for one of the world’s leading visual communication franchises.

I remember clients asking for all kinds of services we didn’t offer… which lead us to buying all kinds of equipment we didn’t need.

When I saw the marketing industry trending further and further towards web, I began learning website design & development— and a few years later I left the print world to start OGAL Web Design.

As business owners and managers, we know that selling more services and products to our existing client base is far easier (and more cost effective) than acquiring new ones… and you and I — we share the same types of customers.

What if you could start offering website design, digital marketing, & SEO to your clients? You know, the ones who come in to order business cards and don’t include a website on it (they’re easy to spot!).

You could immediately begin a new revenue stream, offering something all your clients need— a website.

Plus, websites typically require ongoing services (like maintenance & SEO) giving you the opportunity to setup recurring revenue for this services (that I’ll handle for you) and bill your clients each month.

You’re probably a bit skeptical — I get that. But, you’re also probably a bit curious too. If so, lets jump on a quick phone call and get to know each other. I can answer any questions you have, tell you about all the details, and see if we’re a good fit.

“If you’re looking for a professional to design build and launch your website I can’t recommend OGAL highly enough. I’ve worked with lots of designer/developers over 20+ years but Kyle brought us peace of mind by demonstrating that he cares deeply about the details and getting everything right. Highly, highly recommended!”

glen patchett

Glen Patchet

“In the last 15 years I’ve partnered with more web designers than I can remember. Nothing comes close to the experience of working with Kyle. His design work is stunning, and his broad skills and experience in print, web and marketing are invaluable to my projects. But best of all, he’s an absolute joy to work with.

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