Convert Weebly to Elementor

Ditch Weebly and become empowered to edit and update your website with ease (and little to no experience!) using the world’s leading page builder for WordPress: Elementor

How do I convert Weebly to Elementor?

Elementor’s page builder has quickly become the most popular solutions to build beautiful and easy to manage websites in WordPress quickly and efficiently.

Companies stuck with a limited system, like Weebly, are left with a website that can’t manage or update easily— which is frustrating!

Unfortunately there is no way to automatically convert a Weebly web page to Elementor— it must be done manually.

While this may seem like an overwhelming task, OGAL Web Design has built thousands of pages with Elementor and can quickly rebuild your website in Elementor giving you all the power to manage your website with ease!

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Quick Facts

Meet Your Elementor Expert

So you’re dreaming about how great it would be to be able to easily update your website, and create beautiful layouts using Elementor? Websites building outdated systems like Weebly make even the smallest updates a pain (or impossible!) to complete.

A stale and outdated website is a poor reflection on your business so being able to keep it up-to-date is crucial for your success.

While Elementor makes doing simple website updates easy, the thought of having to redo your entire website in Elementor can feel like an overwhelming task.

Hi! My name is Kyle Van Deusen. I am the owner and operator of OGAL Web Design, a website design and development agency just outside of Fort Worth, Texas.

I’ve been designing and developing websites using Elementor since its introduction to the WordPress ecosystem, and during that time I’ve created thousands of pages using Elementor.

I’ve even picked up the endorsement (and referrals!) from leading Elementor educators Dave Foy and Adam Preiser who both send people just like you to me for help.

I’d love to learn more about your project and see if I can help you convert your website to Elementor so you too can benefit from the ease-of-use of the world’s most powerful page builder!

The Benefits of Using Elementor

Easy to Use

Elementor’s drag-and-drop editor is the fastest, and most intuitive system in the WordPress space— making it perfect for users of every level.

No Coding Required

With an Elementor website you don’t have to write or understand HTML, CSS, or any other coding language— anyone can update their website!

Support & Community

Elementor offers 24/7 premium support and has a large online community of people that can help you get past any problem you might face.

Visual, Front-End Design

The Elementor page builder allows you to visually edit and update your site from the front-end making it easy to see your changes in real time.

High Performance

Not every Elementor website is fast, but you can make a fast website using Elementor! Many of our Elementor sites load in under 2 seconds!

Unrivaled Functionality

Elementor comes with a wide selection of tools and widgets give you the power to achieve almost any functionality your business needs for its website.

Elementor UI

Elementor’s user interface is built to make it easy for even non-techincal people to edit and mange their website, but powerful enough to build almost anything you can imagine!

Pricing for Converting Your Website from Weebly to Elementor

How much it will cost to convert your website into a powerful Elementor website depends on the type of conversion and the scope of your project.

Types of Elementor Conversions

Converting an existing website to use Elementor can sometimes be half the cost (or less!) than having a website created from the ground up. In the process of converting thousands of pages to Elementor, we’ve found that these projects usually fall into one of three categories:

Exact Conversion

If you’re happy with your website’s design & content, but just want an easier way to keep it updated, then we can convert your exact website into an Elementor version.

Converted with Minor Tweaks

Most people want to make at least minor adjustments during the conversion (swapping photos or text, adjusting colors, etc.) which is easy to do during the conversion process.

Redesigned Completely

If your website has become outdated, you may want to come up with an entirely new design in the process of converting your website.

Scope of Your Project

Once we’ve determined the kind of Elementor conversion you need, we’ll need to look at the scope of your project. Is your website hundreds of pages? Or just a few?

Does the functionality of your website fit in with the features provided by Elementor? Or will we need to make something custom to suit your needs?

Most websites aren’t made of 100% uniquely designed pages. Often there’s a template or style that several pages share. Do you want us to convert every single page on your website? Or create all your templates and let you copy & paste all the content into the made-for-you templates?

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