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An Easy Formula for Repurposing Content

With your host, Kyle Van Deusen

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An Easy Formula for Repurposing Content

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Today I share a quick recipe for creating one piece of content and repurposing it into many different forms.

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This topic came to me through a few conversations I’ve been having with clients lately who are feeling a bit overwhelmed with all of the different channels you can publish content on. You have your own website, you have Facebook and LinkedIn and Twitter and Snapchat and everything else where you can publish content and it becomes overwhelming. 

You feel like you need to be on all these channels or you might get missed. 

But at the same time it’s a full time job to try to keep up with all these things. 

There are a couple of bits of advice I have given them… 

First is you really don’t have to be on all the channels.

You really need to pick the ones that you know your audience is on or the ones that you do well with and kind of stick to those. And for the most part you can leave the other ones be in and be okay. You know, the big companies out there can handle running all their different social channels because they are paying someone to handle all that individually. But most of us small businesses, it’s just too much of a time consuming task to try to do all of that ourselves. 

In saying that though, there are some ways through content repurposing that I think you can make this more manageable. And today I want to walk through a pretty simple workflow that I’ve taught to other people and use myself to create a whole boatload of content in one go. And this actually gives you enough content to repurpose on several different channels in different forms and different medias and it’s really easy to do.

So let’s dive into this here. 

This is kind of what I call a simple way to repurpose. And we’re going to break this down. We’re going to start with one major piece of content and then we’re going to break that up into a lot of smaller pieces of content out of that same one.

Some content rewriting services do this as well.

So we get more mileage out of one piece of content. Now, if you want to start this all the way at the top, the easiest way to do this and get everything you possibly can out of a piece of content is to start with a short video. And I know not everybody loves to be on video, but you could even do this. You know, just recording your screen and walking through something where you’re not actually on camera. And there are some free tools like loom that will allow you to record your screen and talk while you’re doing it.

So that way you can record a video without actually having to be on camera. Although if you’re willing to be on camera, I think you’ll get a lot more views out of it. People like to see people. So you might be wondering what you could actually do a video on. And the easiest way to do this is to just simply answer customers’ questions. You have all kinds of customers that probably end up asking the same questions over and over. And if you get a question more than once, you can almost bet that other people out there have that same. So if you can start creating some videos that answer those questions, it makes for really good content that people will be engaged in. And you know you could make a five minute video as a starting point that will actually get you a whole lot of content.

So in this formula I’m going to give you today, we’re just going to say that we’re making a five minute video. Next, once you have your video done, you can go to a website that will actually transcribe it all for you and to written form. So if you go to rev.com that’s R E v.com they have a service that will transcribe your video for a dollar 25 per minute. So this means a five minute video would end up costing you about $6 and 25 cents and you’ll get your entire video back to you in written form. What’s great about this is it only takes a few little tweaks and you basically have a nice long form blog post. In fact, a five minute video could easily get you a thousand words or so, which is a pretty hefty blog post. So now with recording that one video, not only do you have a video that you can share, you also have a long form blog posts that you can post on your website.

Even some social media channels like LinkedIn and Facebook give you opportunity to publish articles there as well. So you can repurpose those not only on your website but on LinkedIn and Facebook as well. So next we’re going to take this blog that we have and we’re going to do some pull quotes from it. So we’re basically going to take some of the texts or pieces of the video even that might be interesting on their own little sound bites from the video or quotes from the article that you think could be interesting. And usually you can squeeze at least three to five of these out of any five minute video or a thousand word blog post, something that just kind of highlights your article or goes over one of the main points of your article. Now out of these three to five poll quotes, you pull from there.

Those can all be individual social media posts. So now from that one video we made, we have a five minute video, a thousand word article, and three to five different social media posts. And lastly you can take this content and turn it into an email that you can send out to your list. You could take a summary of the video or the article and then just link to the video. Our article in the email, the email itself will just introduce your list to the topic at hand and then you’ll link them out to wherever it’s published. So now when we step back and look at all that we created with one five minute video, we got the video, we got a long form blog post, we got three to five social media posts and an email out to our list that I know we’ve all been putting off getting done.

So that’s really not too bad out of one five minute piece of content. So if you’re feeling a little bit overwhelmed about how much you need to create and trying to keep up with all the social media channels, repurposing is a really easy way to get more mileage out of each piece of content. Now keep in mind too, if you share something on Facebook, only about 10% of the people that like your business page will see that the first time you share it. So you can really share these things more than once. If you took the three to five different social media posts you had and spread them out over a two or three week period, you could repurpose those even multiple times and get even more mileage out of it. Now, there are many ways you could go about repurposing content, and what I covered today is just one example of that. By repurposing content, you can get a lot more mileage out of one thing and feel less dread and overwhelmed trying to keep up with all the places you need to be seen online, which is a great way to improve your online presence. If you have any questions that you’d like answered on a future episode, don’t hesitate to email me at [email protected] and I will be glad to introduce those as one of the next show topics.


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