Website Development Process

We follow a 8-step process to ensure each project meets or exceeds your expectations and moves forward at the expected pace to meet any agreed upon deadlines.

The construction of your website will be done in phases. We can revise, tweak, and adjust each phase as much as necessary to achieve your desired outcome. Once you are happy with the results, we require written approval to move to the next phase.

Any change that requires us to move backwards into a previously approved phase will be considered a ‘change order’ and be billed at $75 per hour. You will be notified if any requests constitute a change order previous to the work being completed.



During phase one we will make a simple “map” of your website. We need to account for each and every page that will be included in your build and how they will be structured in terms of hierarchy.


Colors & Typography

We will supply you with the full color palette and typography that will be used throughout your project. This could be based on (or expanded upon) your current branding, or completely custom if you don’t have branding already in place.


Initial Design

During phase 3 we will design the header (with navigation), homepage, one interior page and footer layout for your website. If your content hasn’t been supplied we will use placeholder text which we can replace during phase 4.


All Content Due

At this point you’ll need to supply us with the final content for your website. This includes all text, photographs, logos, graphics, and/or assets that will need to be included in your website build.

If content hasn’t been supplied within 21 days of approval of Phase 3, the project will be billed in full and placed on “hold” until the content is completed. Any project on “hold” will have to be rescheduled into development once the hold has been lifted and could result in further delays due to the developers current workload.


Full Site Development

With all the design elements & content in place, we will finish developing the remainder of the pages in your sitemap. At the end of this stage your website will be nearly completed!


Pre-Launch Checklist

Once the full site has been approved, we will put it through a 50+ point checklist to ensure everything is in place for a successful launch of your website. We will also select a day and time to launch your site.


Website Launch

During this phase we will point your domain to your newly designed site. This will require access to your domain registrar and DNS information (don’t worry, if that sounds foreign we can help you access this).


Testing & Debugging

Over the course of the next 30 days we will test and debug any issues with your site. This does not include making changes to previous phases, only fixing any unintended errors or omissions on our part.

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