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Website Development Process

We follow a 12-step process from initial contact to website after-care to ensure clear, effective communication, and successful results.

Tasks for Client

Tasks for OGAL

Tasks for Both

1. Project Discovery Form

You’ll fill out my project discovery form so I can get to know more about your project and goals.

2. Follow Up Call

I’ll most likely have some followup questions for you after you submit your Project Discovery Form.

3. Project Estimate

Based on our conversations, I’ll provide you with an estimate (or estimate range) for your project.

4. Discovery Session*

A comprehensive meeting to discuss everything in detail & write up a scope of work document.

5. Written Proposal

Based off your new Scope of Work document, I’ll provide you with an official proposal for your project.

6 . Visual Design*

I’ll provide you with your new website design, including templates for each type of page you’ll need.

7. All Content Due

At this point, all of your content for the site is due before development can begin.

8. Development**

With the design and content ready, I will begin the development of your entire site.

9. Revisions & Approval

You’ll provide me with feedback so we can make the final tweaks to the website before we launch.

10. Testing & Debugging

Your website will go through 75-point checklist to ensure everything is functioning as intended.

11. Website Launch*

Your website will now get published on your domain—ready for the whole world to enjoy!

12. Free Care Plan

You’ll have full & free access to our Website Care Plan for 1 month—ensuring we didn’t miss a thing!

* = 20% Payment

** = 40% Payment