Tips & Tools for Working Remotely

A pre-recorded, live webinar and Q & A to help your company stay productive without leaving home.

Tools Featured in this Presentation:

Video Conferencing: Zoom (https://zoom.us)

Calendar: Google Calendar (https://calendar.google.com)

Online Scheduling: Calendly (https://calendly.com), Book Like a Boss (https://booklikeaboss.com)

Online Communication: Slack (https://slack.com), Facebook Groups (https://facebook.com), Loom (https://www.loom.com/)

Online Collaboration: Trello (https://trello.com), Google Docs (https:docs.google.com), Google Sheets (https://sheets.google.com), Google Slides (https://slides.google.com)

Hosted by Kyle Van Deusen

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When I started my company in 2017, I dreamed of working from home— but had never actually done it. My 16+ year work history had always involved a traditional office and relied on face-to-face contact with both customers & co-workers.

Since then I have gone on to build my company and grow a 2,400+ member community that’s formed deep connections with people from all over the globe— all from my home office.

As I started to see my customers face the realization that the coming months might not be “business as usual”, I thought my knowledge in experience with working remotely could help guide them through the uncertainty of how their business can continue to thrive if they are forced to work from home.

In this webinar I cover some of the tools I use to effectively communicate with prospects, customers, and vendors while staying organized and productive without a traditional office or physical space to gather.