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Launched: July, 2019
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About This Project

Lion of Texas Entertainment went through a total shift in direction in June of 2019. In order to reflect the company’s new services their old (outdated) website has been completely replaced by a new design. This unique design captures the look and feel of their services  — mostly classic Country artists, and period themed shows.

The western filigree, muted color palette, and handwritten typography help uniquely identify this site with their target audience without having to read a word!


In the past I have utilized OGAL to handle my web design for other entities, it was only natural to contact them for this newest undertaking. Kyle has always provided top flight service, is easy to work with and reasonably priced.

When I was revamping my business, Lion of Texas,  naturally I needed a website. After explaining my overall needs and concept for the site, and relaying these thoughts to Kyle, he sprung into action and after very little time, I had a website which I had been seeking and more!

I test marketed the site to several customers and friends and they were flat blown away, and frankly, some of them are pretty particular professionals!

OGAL was always willing to take steps to provide me the website I had envisioned. Importantly, Kyle listened and utilized his great expertise to fulfill my goal.

In short: OGAL is great to work with, reasonably priced, and produces a wonderful result!

As an entrepreneur, I feel certain I will have other websites to build in the future and I have no doubt OGAL will be involved in any project I undertake. I would not consider anyone else!

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A Comprehensive Approach.

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It’s important to know what potential customers are looking for, and what design aesthetics appeal to them best— after all, we’re building the site for the visitors, not for you.

You’ll receive a full report on your market and we can work together to find your niche and develop a plan to help us capture your target audience.

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While there are several ways to achieve a mobile-friendly design, Responsive Website Design is the most effective.  Your new website will automatically detect a users screen size and adjust the display and functionality of your website automatically.

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Through strategic Calls to Action, you can get a larger response from your website in the form of emails, text message or phone calls.

Depending on your business model there are hundreds of ways we can implement marketing funnels from both online and offline sources through your website to help you capture your target audience.

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