Website Audits & Remediation

Get the full picture of what’s working (and what’s not) with your website. Our comprehensive website audits give you jargon-free, actionable insights.

How Does Your Website Measure Up?

There’s a lot more to website optimization than reducing image sizes and speeding up load times. We’ll pinpoint the issues and help you get your site running the way it should!


With so many ways to improve a website’s search engine optimization performance, we’ll figure out the most effective opportunities to improve your rankings.


Performance is everything and achieving Core Web Vitals are mandatory. There’s no reason your site shouldn’t pass the test, and with our website optimization services, we guarantee it will!


Website not accessible? You could be missing out on 15% of potential customers. Remediating accessibility issues can lead to an instant uptick in conversions (and help ADA compliance).


Poor website structure is a recipe for disaster. Proper site structure ensures that your website sits on a strong foundation and keeps your visitors happy.

User Experience

If you’re not delivering visitors what they expect (and need) right away, they’ll find another website that does. Our website audit will help ensure you’re delivering exactly what users want.

Privacy Compliance

Online privacy regulations are constantly changing and failing to address these can be both a moral and legal nightmare. Let’s make sure both you and your visitors are protected.

Not Ready For A Full Audit?

Unfortunately, many business owners just aren’t sure if their website is living up to its potential or not! Download the free “Websites That Work” guide which will walk you through the 6 most crucial aspects for website success!

Leaving No Stone Unturned

Our audit covers your website from top to bottom with over 100 individual tests and inspections — delivered in an easy-to-understand report.

One-On-One Consultation

Before starting your website assessment, we’ll jump on Zoom to run through what you’re looking for, get clear on your needs for the future, and explore the issues your site is currently having.

Easy-To-Understand Reporting

After thoroughly reviewing and testing your website, we’ll create a custom report detailing our findings. We’ll include clear explanations on what each point means, and what’s needed to fix the issue.

Remediation & Assistance

With clear, in-depth insight into what needs work, we can either consult with your web developer to run them through what needs fixing, or we can remediate the issues for you.

Kyle gave me jargon-free, fact-based advice on improving my website to better serve my clients – and the results are already phenomenal. I can’t recommend him enough!

Abby Wood

The Content Lab