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Optimized websites for quality user experience through performance, best-practices, accessibility, and search engine optimization.

Hey, I’m Kyle…

I believe your company’s website should be easy to navigate, load quickly, be optimized for search engines, and help turn visitors into customers through clear calls-to-action.

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How Can I Best Serve Your Business?

If your website isn’t delivering the results you had hoped for, rest assured OGAL Web Design can help you design, develop, and optimize a new platform that will.

Website Design & Development

As the central hub of your online marketing efforts, your website should communicate your value to existing & potential clients, expand your reach, & collect valuable data about its users.

Search Engine Optimization

Build it and they will come no longer applies… In order to be found on search engines, you need to develop & execute a long-term, strategy that helps you attract and market to your ideal clients.

Website Management

In order to operate a successful website, you need a plan for keeping content fresh, security tight, and software up-to-date — we can take that off your plate and give you complete peace of mind.

Why Choose OGAL Web Design?

Some of the biggest names in WordPress already do!

In the last 15 years, I’ve partnered with more web designers than I can remember. Nothing comes close to the experience of working with Kyle.

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No Huge Up-Front Costs

Our affordable monthly website plans mean you can get your website up and running, without a large deposit required. You’ll know exactly what your website will cost going forward, allowing you to invest in other marketing options without overstretching.

Accelerate Your Growth

When your business is ready to grow, there’s no time to spend making costly mistakes along the way. As a strategic partner, we can help put you on the fast-track to a digital marketing strategy based on proven methods.

Get Measurable Results

Digital marketing’s biggest advantage is analytics. Each facet of your marketing efforts can be meticulously measured and analyzed helping you make smarter decisions over time and increase your return on investment.

Latest Posts, Hot Off the Press!

The latest posts from the OGAL Web Design blog

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How to create a content marketing strategy from scratch

How to attract more customers with a content marketing strategy that makes the most of your blog, social media & email marketing for your small business.

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Kyle Van Deusen

A Complete Digital Marketing Strategy

In order to achieve your goals online, there are 4 key areas of focus

Identify & Target The Ideal Prospects for Your Business

It’s no use wasting time and money marketing to prospects who will never be a good fit for your business. Through research, and careful examination you’ll know exactly who you are looking for and how to spot them.

Market Research Competitor Analysis Client Avatars

Increase Awareness & Grow Your Audience

You are an expert in your industry, even if people aren’t aware of that yet. Through consistent and cohesive messaging you can begin to expand your reach and strengthen your influence—positioning your business as a leader.

Website Design Content Marketing SEO

Convert Ideal Prospects Into New Customers

It’s imperative you capitalize on opportunities and encourage more prospects to take action and inquire with your business. Understanding the clients’ mindset your campaigns will be optimized for conversion.

Landing Pages Advertising Campaigns Funnels

Strengthen Your Relationships & Referral Network

Customers wield the power to promote your business in an authentic way that money can’t buy. Strengthen those relationships over time and grow through referrals and social proof.

Social Media Email Marketing Reputation Mangement