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Hey, I’m Kyle

Over the years I’ve built websites for companies big and small in a variety of industries, but through my work running a 7,000+ member web agency owner’s community, The Admin Bar, I’ve found my sweet-spot working with tech companies, specifically those that have products or services aimed at WordPress users. 

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High Standards Make Great Websites

Is your website underwhelming and underperforming? You do great work – your website should reflect that. We create websites that inspire and connect.

Opportunity Analysis

Reveal the hidden opportunities within your website with our comprehensive website analysis. We’ll uncover how to make your website more effective and give you jargon-free, actionable insights.

Design & Development

Today’s websites are held to a new standard based on performance, accessibility, SEO, and best practices. Your website needs to pass all the tests — and with OGAL, that’s not only a given… it’s guaranteed!

Ongoing Management

Running a successful website requires a constant focus on content, security, and software updates — but who has the time? We’ll take that off your plate and give you complete peace of mind that your website is working for you 24/7.

Why Choose OGAL Web Design?

The biggest names in WordPress already do!

Impeccable Standards

All websites aren’t created equal, and with no industry standardization, you never know what you’re going to get. We’re setting the standards websites should be built to — without compromise.

Core Web Vitals Guarantee

Achieving great Core Web Vitals metrics is non-negotiable. Every website we build adheres to industry best practices, achieving the best scores possible. We guarantee your website will be one of the few that pass the test!

Lifelong Support

More than just web developers – we’re your partner for long-term growth and support. The web is dynamic and ever-changing, and we’re here to make sure your website continues to support your business for years to come.

In the last 15 years, I’ve partnered with more web designers than I can remember. Nothing comes close to the experience of working with Kyle.

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Resources & Insights To Help You Grow

We believe informed website owners make better decisions — so we are dedicated to providing ongoing education to help you succeed online!

Adapting to Lighthouse 10: How Google’s Latest Update Affects Your Website Performance

Discover how Google’s Lighthouse 10 update impacts your website’s performance score and learn actionable steps to optimize your site for these changes.

Our Process for Converting Your Website to Blocks

Discover our systematic process for converting your website to a block-based design. Guaranteed for long-term success and a better user experience.

Benefits of the block editor.

How the WordPress Block Editor Outperforms Popular Page Builders

Discover how the WordPress block editor can lead to faster, higher-performing websites compared to popular page builders.

5 Best Practices for Designing Engaging Blog Post Templates

Discover five essential principles for designing engaging and visually appealing blog post templates that keep your audience captivated.

A Comprehensive Guide to Understanding Google Lighthouse Reports

Unravel the mysteries of Google Lighthouse test reports with this comprehensive guide covering Performance, Accessibility, SEO, and Best Practices.

Overcoming Wix and Squarespace Slow Loading Times & Poor Performance

Uncover the reasons behind your slow Wix or Squarespace website and explore a solution to drastically improve your site’s performance.

Featured Work

Our clients are changing the world of WordPress. Here’s how we help them accomplish their mission.

Screenshot of the Termageddon website


Termageddon saw a 50% increase in customer signups just 1 month after launching their new website!

Screenshot of the Joost blog

Joost de Valk

Yoast SEO’s founder, Joost de Valk got a whole new look to promote his consulting, speaking, & investments.