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I expect you'll have a lot of questions about your new website. Here are the answers to the questions I get asked most often.

Our Philosophy

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I expect you’ll have a lot of questions about your new website. Of course, I’ll be happy to answer any of the questions you have as it pertains to your specific needs, but I thought it would be handy to provide you with the answers to the questions I get asked most often.

What search engine optimization tactics/techniques are included?

Unless otherwise stated in the Project Scope or Project Deliverables, the following fundamental on-page SEO techniques are included on all websites we build:

  • Semantic HTML structure
  • Image alt tags
  • Optimized title tags & meta descriptions
  • XML sitemap
  • Passing scores (90%+) on all Web Core Vitals (tested on our hosting before any 3rd-party marketing apps are installed)
  • Free of any errors including:
    • 4XX
    • HTTPS
    • Redirect
    • Mobile friendly
    • Broken links
    • Empty and/or duplicate title tags
    • Empty and/or duplicate meta descriptions

Every project goes through a series of both manual and automated tests that ensure the quality of your baseline SEO and any and all issues will be addressed prior to delivery.

Will my website be ADA compliant / accessible?

We cannot guarantee full accessibility compliance, but we follow best practices that ensure your website will be accessible for most visitors. This includes:

  • Semantic HTML structure
  • Scaleable typography
  • WCAG AA color contrast ratio
  • Keyboard navigation

If your company requires further compliance, please let me know before we begin your project so we can consult with an accessibility specialist. 

We strongly recommend including an accessibility statement on your website to inform visitors about the accessibility standards you’ve put in place and where people can contact you for any help using your website.

Will people be able to find my website on Google?

Your exact placement inside search results, for any query, cannot be guaranteed — however, I will submit your website along with your XML sitemap directly to Google in order to expedite the process of indexing your website.

Google does not guarantee they will index your website, but with the best-practices I put in place, most websites start showing up in a week or less.

If you’d like to talk further about your rankings and position in search results, we can discuss implementing an ongoing SEO strategy for your website.

Will I be able to update my website after it’s delivered?

Yes, and it’s critical that your website is regularly updated and maintained. Failure to keep your website updated can cause severe, and in some cases, irreversible damage or loss. 

When your website is delivered, I’ll provide you with a Website Owner’s Manual that will cover all the required maintenance and updates to keep your website secure and up-to-date.

If you don’t feel comfortable maintaining your website, or simply don’t have the time (most of my clients don’t!), I offer a Website Management service that will take care of everything your website needs. 

Where will my website be hosted?

Most of my clients sign up for my Website Management services, which include website hosting on my fully-managed, optimized servers, but it is not a requirement.

If you do not want to enroll in my Website Management services, you will be responsible for acquiring and paying for your own hosting account. You will need to set up and share access to your hosting account before I can deliver your website. 

If you need help selecting a hosting provider, just let me know and I’ll be happy to provide you with a list of recommended hosts.

Do you offer any kind of warranty on your work?

Yes! Included with your project is 30-days (post delivery) of warranty and support to ensure your website is functioning properly. 

Due to the nature of technology, I cannot guarantee any work past the 30-day period unless your website is under my care as part of my Website Management services, which essentially warranties your website so long as it’s under my management. 

The 30-day period does not include adding any new functionality, features, or content.

What happens if I need to change the scope of our project before it’s finished?

I’ve done my best to scope your project based on our conversations, your goals, and my experience — but it’s impossible to foresee every possibility for your project this early in the process.

It’s not uncommon for us to realize that we need to make changes to the scope or deliverables of your project after we get started — in fact, it’s likely we will!

Any and all changes to the scope or deliverables of your project will require a change request and an updated quote. I will not change the scope or price of your project without a clear discussion and agreement with you prior to carrying out the work.

Any changes to our original agreement will be documented in our agreement and your final invoice will be adjusted (either up or down) accordingly. 

Does my website require any disclosures, privacy policies, or terms of service?

Okay, you caught me — almost no one asks this question… But they should!

Nearly every website on the internet requires at least one (if not all) of these items. What your website needs will be unique to your website’s functionality and any applicable laws and jurisdictions.

I’m not a privacy attorney — but I do partner with one. 

Before your website is launched, we’ll address your needs for legal policies and I can help you get the appropriate policies in place or put you in contact with a company who can.

You will have the choice of foregoing these policies, but I do require a signed waiver acknowledging I’ve informed you of my recommendations and absolving me of any and all liability. 

Yes, it’s that important.

Who all will be involved in building and delivering my project?

You might not realize it, but many web agencies subcontract or outsource much — or all — of their work (often overseas). 

That’s okay, but I believe you are hiring me for a reason, and you expect that I will be performing the work.

I’m proud to say that’s exactly what will happen.

From time to time I may need to bring in a specialist to help with parts of a project (if it’s out of my area of expertise).  If this is required on your project, I will be transparent about that process, will oversee the work to ensure it meets my standards, and be your direct contact person.

Why isn’t email included with my website?

Though it is possible to send email through many web servers, it’s unreliable and considered bad practice to do so. This often leads to emails getting marked as spam, or simply never being delivered. 

Hardly the qualities you’d want out of your email, right?

I strongly recommend going with a dedicated email provider that will allow you to have custom branded email addresses and ensure deliverability. Inboxes like this typically cost between $3 and $6 per inbox, per month — which you would pay directly to the service provider.

If you need help getting this setup, I’ll be more than happy to help you!

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