Our Philosophy

Understand our commitment to creating impactful and ethical digital experiences.

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Our Process for Converting Your Website to Blocks

Discover our systematic process for converting your website to a block-based design. Guaranteed for long-term success and a better user experience.

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Eco-friendly web design: sustainable websites are the way forward.

My pledge to continue making the environment a priority with every website.

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Why I Keep 100+ Backups of Every Website I Manage

While that may seem like overkill, having plenty of redundant backups is critical to the successful management of any website.

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Moving to a Compliant Analytics Solution

Why I'm moving to a privacy-focused solution (and you should too).

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Introducing Our New Flat-Price Website Plans

A new, affordable way to get your business website live without high upfront costs!

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Why I Recommend the Block Editor

Few website building systems have given users as much power without sacrificing ease-of-use or performance. This is why I recommend building with blocks.

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Frequently Asked Questions

I expect you'll have a lot of questions about your new website. Here are the answers to the questions I get asked most often.

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The 7 Questions 80% of Businesses Ask Before Buying a Website

In this article you'll find my answers to the most common questions people have before buying a website.

development process and timeline

My Website Development Process and Timeline

My process ensures that we both get on the same page, share a vision, and are able to execute it beyond our expectations— not by chance, but by design.

gal tech case study

One Year of Investing in Local Search Rankings: A Case Study

In January of 2019, we launched a brand new website (a redesign) for GAL-TECH Roofing. Throughout the course of the ...

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Most Websites Fail!

Let me help you avoid the mistakes that doom most projects before the first pixel is ever published!