Maximizing Speed and Efficiency: Clanton Law’s Shift to a Block-Based Website

By investing in website speed improvements and predefined content building blocks the Clanton Law Office website now serves as a professional, reliable, and high-performing online presence, helping them attract and retain clients. 

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As businesses, we want a website that looks great when a prospective client visits, but just because a website looks good, doesn’t mean it performs well from a technical standpoint. This is the challenge that Attorney Bill Clanton, from Clanton Law Office faced when he came to me.

Clanton Law Office, a small law firm based in San Antonio, TX, specializes in consumer protection. Bill was publishing regular content to the business blog but felt that while the website looked decent, the site speed was sluggish, trying to make updates to the website himself was cumbersome and confusing, and the site itself wasn’t very consistent as visitors navigated through the website.

Clanton Law Office, like many of the businesses I work with, risked negative user experience, higher bounce rates due to slow load times, and risked reputation damage by having a website that wasn’t up to the caliber of his law office.

Addressing website speed and usability issues is crucial for maintaining a positive online presence, attracting and retaining clients, and achieving business goals. By ignoring these issues, you may experience significant drawbacks and hinder your success in the online space.

You might have tried:

  • Optimizing your images with a plugin to help improve load times
  • Installing a plugin on your WordPress website that claimed to help with website speed
  • Considered moving to another hosting provider

If you’re like most of the businesses I work with, this is not your area of expertise, it’s not what you studied in school, and you don’t have the time to become an expert in website design and optimization — you have a business to run.

You don’t have to do this alone, that’s where I come in. With my Convert To Blocks service I can help you:

  • Make your company website look more reliable and trustworthy with a website that loads quickly and without errors
  • Instill confidence in website visitors by have a professional and consistent look and feel when navigating the website
  • Enjoy a faster time to hit publish on your latest content with design elements that are already established and ready to plug in and go

You’ll rest easy knowing your website will wow potential clients with great visuals, optimized content, and load lightning quick no matter what.

Identifying the Problems: How I Addressed the Issues at Clanton Law Office

When converting any website over to blocks, there are 3 main areas that I always focus on for my clients including:

  • Polishing existing design
  • Rebuilding the WordPress theme
  • Creating a ready-to-go design system

Over the years, I’ve found that by focusing on these core elements I can provide my clients with faster, more user-friendly websites that give them a competitive edge over slower or less optimized websites.

Polishing existing design for consistency and streamlining

Often, when a client comes to me they don’t need a full redesign and I can work with what they already have, reducing the budget and timeline of projects.

Rather than scraping the entire website, I was able to clean up the existing design to give it a more professional and cohesive look. By simplifying the header, expanding the footer, and creating a clearly defined Call to Action at the bottom of every page the website now creates a strong first impression to website visitors.


Theme rebuild focusing on performance and stability

Not all WordPress themes are built for performance and stability — most pre-made themes are bloated with code trying to do everything even though you may only need a fraction of what’s available.

My sites are all built using GeneratePress and GenerateBlocks and only contain the functionality unique to your website meaning no more code bloat. Instead, you’ll enjoy a website that runs smoothly and reliably.

When I convert a website to blocks using these tools, I guarantee you’ll have Core Web Vitals scores of 90% or above ensuring website visitors and Google see your website has lightning-fast site performance and is built on web design best practices.


Create a scalable, maintainable design system

Successful websites include consistency across the whole website through global design blocks.

When building the Clanton Law Office website, I created a variety of content building blocks for Bill and his team to use throughout the website.  They now have a library of reusable content and design patterns to choose from when creating additional pages and blog posts going forward.

Pattern library screenshot

Not only does this ensure consistency across the website, but it removes any confusion or uncertainty when making content updates for the team at Clanton Law Office.

Project Outcome

After converting the website to blocks with a focus on performance and stability, Clanton Law Office saw immediate results and website visitors were able to find and view content quicker, leading to a more positive and seamless browsing experience.

The predefined content building blocks streamlined the blogging process for the Clanton team making it quicker and more efficient each time content needed to be added. No more wondering how to lay out the content on the website — all design details were already done; they just needed to plug in their content and hit publish.

In addition to improving the website’s usability, the website also saw improvements of:

  • Website load times decreased by 88%
  • Site performance increased from 61% up to 100%
  • Search Engine Optimization Best Practices went from 70% up to 100%

By investing in website speed improvements and predefined content building blocks the Clanton Law Office website now serves as a professional, reliable, and high-performing online presence, helping them attract and retain clients.  Not only did the website perform better from a technical standpoint, but it also improved user experience instilling confidence in potential clients visiting

Websites that load quickly and provide smooth user experience contribute to a positive brand perception and can enhance the overall reputation of a business. If you’re interested in converting your website and achieving the same results that Clanton Law Office has, then we should chat.

Check out my Convert to Blocks services, or get a free estimate.

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