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Deliver the right message at the right time. Have you ever gone to a webpage with a specific purpose in mind only to rummage around for what felt like forever never finding what you needed? …

Kyle Van Deusen

Deliver the right message at the right time.

Have you ever gone to a webpage with a specific purpose in mind only to rummage around for what felt like forever never finding what you needed? It’s frustrating, and it’s the last thing you want people on your website doing.

Not only is it important to deliver great content, it must be in the right place at the right time- and landing pages can help you achieve that!

In this article, we’re going to be introducing you to landing pages and how you can use them to improve your conversion rate.

Here’s what’s in store…

  • What is a landing page?
  • Why should I use them?

What is a landing page?

And why on earth do I need one?

While technically a landing page can be any page on your website someone “lands on”, in marketing we use landing pages for two distinct purposes- click through and lead generation. Most landing pages are versions of your site that don’t include your main navigation menu, or other links or ways for people to be distracted. The goal is always to direct traffic to take a specific action.

Click Through Landing Page

A click through landing page is a web page built to help funnel (or direct) your traffic towards a specific goal. This type of landing page is most often used for e-commerce by building a page that encourages users to take a specific action, like buying a product.

Lead Generating Landing Page

A lead generating landing page works similar to a click through page, except that the end goal is to collect user data, like email addresses, phone numbers or names in order to market to them at a later date. These type of landing pages are great for building an email list that you can continually use to market to people you know are interested in your business.

Why should I used a landing page?

Typically, you use a landing page to get more desirable results.

Most companies offer an array or products or services, which is great. But it’s likely that customers are on your page for a specific one and cluttering their mind with too many options often leads to poor results.

A well crafted landing page is directed to a specific customer, generally through ads, so that they are finding the exact information they are looking for.

Let’s look at an example.

Ned owns a fishing tackle store. He sells bait, fishing rods, reels and all kinds of camping gear. He’s having a big sale on an overstock of rods and wants to drum up some business.

Ned posts a ad on Facebook talking about his great deals on fishing rods, but when customers click the link they are taken to his homepage which has all kinds of information. Customers are impatient and because they don’t immediately find what they are looking for they hit the back button.

Ned’s conversion rate is low, and he decides his marketing efforts don’t work.

But Ned just needs a different approach. Instead, Ned builds a landing page on his website. A landing page specifically about his sale on fishing rods. This page displays only the information about his sale, all the products and the different ways people can take action and take advantage of the great deals.

This time, Ned posts an ad on Facebook and directs traffic directly to his new landing page. Because customers are immediately taken to a page filled with the information they were looking for his conversion rate improves and Ned sells a ton of fishing rods.

Because people are less distracted by too many choices it’s easier for them to make the decision you were hoping for. Landing pages are a great way to focus your message to a specific customer at a specific time in order to increase the desired results.

Wrapping Up

Landing pages are a great way to deliver specific, relevant content to your visitor. Today’s internet users don’t have the patience to search endlessly through website to find the information they came for, so if you can deliver relevant information quickly, you’re more likely to turn your visitor into a customer.

Need a landing page built for your website? We’d love to help! Fill in our project inquiry form and we can schedule a meeting to discuss your needs!

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