One-Page Websites

If you’re looking to get your idea online and need something simple to get started, a One-Page Website is the perfect starting point at an affordable price point.

It Doesn’t Have to be Complicated

If you’re just getting your new idea off the ground, of course, you want to have some kind of presence on the web — but it can’t break the bank!

A One-Page Website is a simple solution that will help you establish an online presence and give you a foundation to grow with as you start to gain traction.

Example of a one-page website

Domain & Hosting

We’ll start by helping you acquire a domain (your website address), and set up hosting for your website.

Design & Development

Using your text and photos, we’ll design and build a One-Page Website that matches your company’s branding.

Continued Success

Once your website is live, we’ll continue to monitor it and take care of all of the technical maintenance.

One-Page Website Examples

See One-Page Websites in action and learn how they helped businesses get online!

Heartland Dental

Heartland Dental’s one page website serves as a temporary home that can help bring in clients while they develop their full, multi-page website (currently in the works!). It covers all their services, information about their practice, and each of their 3 locations.

Medical Associates of Pilot Point

MAPP’s One-Page Website was going to be temporary while they opened their practice — but it’s worked so well for them, they’ve kept it for over 3 years! Not every website needs to be hundreds of pages with a library of content… Sometimes less is more!

Powerhouse Gym

Powerhouse Gym needed a quick landing page up while their facility was being built — but it’s done such a great job building up their memberships that they’ve never needed to upgrade it! Everything connects with their eCommerce membership platform and clients can obtain their gym membership online!

One-Page Websites Starting at $750

Get your business off the ground with a One-Page Website that can grow with you as your business takes off.

Pool Site Mockup

Why Choose OGAL Web Design?

Some of the biggest names in WordPress already do!

In the last 15 years, I’ve partnered with more web designers than I can remember. Nothing comes close to the experience of working with Kyle.

Dave Foy

Streamline Your Marketing

DIY marketing leaves business owners with a pile of “parts” that don’t quite seem to fit together. We’ll help you put the right pieces into place to achieve your goals, streamlining the process for a more focused and comprehensive approach.

Accelerate Your Growth

When your business is ready to grow, there’s no time to spend making costly mistakes along the way. As a strategic partner, we can help put you on the fast-track to a digital marketing strategy based on proven methods.

Get Measurable Results

Digital marketing’s biggest advantage is analytics. Each facet of your marketing efforts can be meticulously measured and analyzed helping you make smarter decisions over time and increase your return on investment.