SEO Success Program

A monthly search engine optimization service with modular “pathways” to help your business climb the search results!

There's More Than One Way to Optimize Your Website

The SEO Success Program takes an individualized approach to your website and help you choose the right path (or paths!) to success.

On-Page Pathway

For people with an existing website, on-page SEO is usually the first course of action to ensure that what you already have is all optimized properly.

Content Pathway

We’ll create new content for your website that will target the most advantageous keywords being searched for by your ideal customers on Google.

Link Building Pathway

We’ll help your website gain authority  by building a network of links to your website from trusted sources  that will pass their authority to you.

How The SEO Success Program Works

No more wondering if SEO is “working”— Each month you’ll get a detailed report of your progress & deliverables.

Onboarding & Analysis

During your first month of enrollment we’ll take a deep dive into your existing website and perform a full SEO audit, security audit, maintenance audit, & make any adjustments to give you a clean bill of health.

Pick Your Pathway(s)

After you onboarding is complete, we’ll meet with you to discuss which path(s) are best suited for your needs and develop a comprehensive plan to begin work. You can pick one, two, or all three paths.

Quarterly Adjustments

Every three months we’ll schedule a progress meeting so that we can discuss the results of your SEO campaign, at this point we can switch paths or continue building upon the work we’ve already accomplished.

How Much Does The SEO Success Program Cost?

Our modular pricing packages allow you to easily combine pathways to save money and get more return on your investment.

Single Pathway


Choose any 1 pathway, with the option to change pathways after 3 months.

Two Pathways


Choose any two pathways, with the option to change pathways after 3 months.

Three Pathways


Take advantage of our entire SEO Success offering with no need to change pathways.

Your first month of onboarding and analysis for any plan is just $350!

Details about the SEO Success Program

Thanks for asking about the SEO Success Program (SEOSP)! 

Search engine optimization isn’t just one thing— it can come in many forms. What one website needs, another might not (or not to the same degree).

What’s unique about the SEOSP is that we have grouped together many of the SEO strategies into three distinct categories (we call them “pathways”): 

  • On-Page SEO
  • Content Creation
  • Link Building

Each pathway is a combination of techniques and strategies that fit well together to improve your website’s rankings.

On-Page SEO Pathway

On-page SEO is great for folks starting out with SEO, or who aren’t certain how optimized their website really is. I recommend that most people start here (at least for their first quarter). 

With this pathway, we will take a deep-dive into the existing structure, content, and meta-data of your website. This allows us to optimize everything you already have so that it is better suited for search engines. 

Sometimes this is lots of small tweaks that can make a big difference, and others it can be a more major overhaul of how things on your website are structured. 

Content Creation Pathway

Content Creation is really great for websites that have “thin” content— meaning there isn’t much of it.

While almost any content is better than none, optimized content is much more extensive. 

The Content path will first identify the keywords and phrases that are most searched for by your target audience. We can measure the search volume as well as how hard those phrases are to rank for.  With that data, we can develop very specific content that is optimized for those phrases.

Each month you can get up to 2,500 words of content— which could be anywhere from one long post or page to several smaller ones. We take this on a case-by-case basis and decide what makes the most sense for your audience. 

Link Building Pathway

The Link Building pathway is unlike the other two pathways because the work we do is not on your website, but to get others to link to you.

Google (and all the other search engines) assign a different level of “authority” to every website. Something like Wikipedia (which is popular, highly-trafficked, and well-known) has a very high level of authority, whereas a brand new small website has very little authority.

The higher your authority levels, the more importance a search engine will place on your website. 

One way to improve your authority is to have more authoritative websites link to yours. When they do, they pass some of their authority along to you (think of it like getting a referral from a doctor vs a stranger). 

Onboarding & Analysis

Lastly, with each path the first month is the same: Onboarding & Analysis, with a flat $350 no matter which path (or paths) you choose.

During the first month we audit EVERYTHING on your website: existing content, SEO performance, security, maintenance, etc. This has to be done up front because a lot of our decision down the line, as well as our benchmarking for success, is done based off of this initial assessment. 

You only have to do the first month’s onboarding & analysis one time ever. 

A single pathway is $500/mo, but you do have the option to work multiple pathways simultaneously and we offer a discount for each subsequent path (2 paths is $850/mo, 3 paths are $1,200).  

Enrollment is month-to-month, so you are not beholden to any long-term contract. The only stipulation is that you have to stay on a chosen pathway for at least 3 months.  Not because we want to “lock you in”, but because switching back and forth makes it hard to analyze the results of each path’s effort and the campaigns are just less effective.

Each month you’ll receive a detailed report of not only the work we’ve done (the deliverables), but you’ll be continually updated with the progress of your rankings in the search engines. We’ll be tracking their movement daily, and you’ll know exactly how effective your campaign is— no guesswork. 

Hopefully I was able to answer some of your questions (without being too lengthy!)— but I’m sure you have more.

What else can I tell you about The SEO Success Program?

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Kyle Van Deusen

Owner, OGAL Web Design

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