WordPress Website Care Plans

In order to operate a successful website, you need a plan for keeping content fresh, security tight, and software up-to-date. Do you have the time and technical expertise to ensure your website’s success?

Most small business owners don’t— and that’s why we’ve developed The Continued Success Program™ that specifically handles all the tasks that your website will need so you can focus on running your business.

Why does my website need a care plan?

Operating a successful website requires ongoing support and technical know-how.

In order for your website to succeed you’ll need to stay up-to-date with the latest technology, set up and monitor a web server, keep track of multiple 3rd party software bills, updates & licenses, and (of course) implement tight security measures to ensure your data is safe.

Does the thought of all that technical work make you a little nervous?

You’re not alone! Most of our customers don’t have the time or skills for this either. Your time is better spent focusing on the tasks that you’re best at, not trying to become a part-time web developer.

The Continued Success Program™ is the answer you’re looking for.

For less than a cup of your daily coffee, your website worries will be gone for good- giving you assurance that everything will be running smooth.

Experience the Benefits of a Fully-Managed WordPress Website

The last thing you want to do is worry about your website, am I right? Businesses who take advantage of The Continued Success Program™ never have to worry about a thing!

Optimized Cloud Hosting

Instant access to servers that have been expertly modified to give you the best performance for your website.

Website Security

You’ll have protection against attacks, hacks, and malware that can destroy your site and embarrass your company.

Daily Website Backups

Daily backups ensure that if anything were to go wrong with your site, it can be fixed in just minutes.

Plugin Software Licenses & Updates

You’ll take advantage of our bulk license savings, and keep your website up-to-date (and secure!) at all times.

Unlimited Support

There’s no need for you to become a part-time web developer— focus on what you do best and delegate the rest… We got you!

Deep Insights & Analytics

Gain deep insights on how your website is performing, and how users interact on a granular basis.

The Continued Success Program


$ 75 /mo
  • Managed Cloud Hosting
  • Local Security w/Brute Force Protection
  • Daily Server-Level Backups (30-Day Archive)
  • Weekly Software Updates
  • Unlimited Email Support (48 Hr. Response)
  • Google Analytics Setup & Training

Business Class

$ 99 /mo
  • Managed Cloud High-Frequency Hosting
  • Uptime Monitoring (5-Min. Intervals)
  • 24/7 Security Monitoring
  • Daily Malware Scans
  • Website Firewall
  • Login Protection
  • Daily Server-Level Backups (30-Day Archive)
  • Daily Off-Site Backups (90-Day Archive)
  • Free Backup Restoration
  • 3X Weekly Software Updates
  • Visual Regression Tests
  • Standard Software Licenses
  • Unlimited Email Support (48 Hr. Response)
  • Scheduled Phone Support
  • 3 Thirty-Minute Tasks
  • Google Analytics Setup & Training
  • Google Search Console Setup & Monitoring


$ 179 /mo
  • Premium Google Cloud Hosting
  • Uptime Monitoring (2-Min. Intervals)
  • Automatic Scaling
  • 24/7 Security Monitoring
  • Daily Malware Scans
  • Automatic Malware Removal
  • Website Firewall
  • Login Protection
  • Hack Fix Guarantee
  • Daily Server-Level Backups (30-Day Archive)
  • Daily Off-Site Backups (90-Day Archive)
  • Free Backup Restoration
  • Daily Staging Site Backups
  • Daily Software Updates
  • Visual Regression Tests
  • All Software Licenses
  • Unlimited Email Support (24 Hr. Response)
  • Unlimited Phone Support
  • 24 Hour Response Time
  • 30 Thirty-Minute Tasks
  • Monthly Manual Reviews & Improvements
  • Google Analytics Setup & Training
  • Custom Analytics Dashboard
  • Fully Managed Google Search Console

Here's what our customers are saying...

Jim Galley
Jim Galley
Gal-Tech Roofing
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"Kyle is very knowledgeable and helpful and has done such much for my business! What a great company to work with."
Pat Slayton
Pat Slayton
Wise Hope Crisis Center
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"You made it affordable, easy and amazing. We couldn't be happier."
Shirl Ward
Shirl Ward
The Changing Table
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"THANK YOU for your help, professionalism, and personal attention to my website."

What Does it All Mean?

Becoming informed reduces risk! Learn more about the features included in our Continued Success Program™

Our Managed Cloud Hosting is built on fast & secure Vultr servers located in in the United States. We’ll choose a data center closest to your visitors and implement a CDN that guarantees fast loading times no matter where your traffic comes from.

High-Frequency servers perform up to 40% faster than our standard servers. We’ll choose a data center closest to your visitors and implement a CDN that guarantees fast loading times no matter where your traffic comes from.

Google Cloud servers use top-of-the-line hardware for the ultimate performance and reliability. Even if your customers are located all across the globe, we’ll serve your website from the closest server possible!

You can’t always predict a surge in traffic. Automatic scaling helps your website handle influxes in traffic. Your next product launch wont leave you worried about crashing your website.

Automatic checks on your website detect and alert us of any downtime so we can correct issues within minutes. This ensures your website is always available for your visitors.

Our brute-force protection network helps protect you against the most common attacks on websites and blocks malicious actors before they even have a chance to get inside your website!

Threats are monitored around the clock and automatic protection is applied to protect your website from all kinds of malware and security threats.

We’ll scan your website daily to detect any malware. While most web hosts only react to problems, we’re proactively sniffing them out in advance.

If malware is found on your site it will be automatically cleaned protecting you from further damage or embarrassing mistakes.

A proactive approach to the most common threats on websites blocking bad actors before they arrive.

Ensure that only authorized users are able to gain access through login forms.

If, for any reason, your website is hacked— we’ll fix it. Guaranteed.

Each day your entire website will be backed up on your server with a 30-day archive.

In case your server is compromised, off-site backups give you another set of usable backups giving you true peace of mind.

If, for any reason, a backup needs to be deployed it’s as simple as an email or phone call— we’ll handle the rest!

Additional backups for staging and testing environments to ensure anything that’s being worked on isn’t lost.

In order to keep your website performing at its best, and safe from vulnerabilities, the software must be updated regularly.

Anytime a software update is performed, we’ll take snapshots of the before and after to make sure there are no issues with the update.

WordPress websites are composed of many pieces of licensed software. These licenses have to paid for monthly or annually.

Most issues can be handled via email. Just shoot us a message and we’ll help you with whatever your website needs.

Prefer to talk in real-time? Business Class plan members can schedule calls, while Private plan members can get phone support anytime during business hours.

Each month we’ll proactively scan your website for any errors and implement improvements to ensure your website is performing optimally.

We’ll install Google Analytics to your website and provide you with a detailed walk through on how to understand and use the reports.

We’ll build you a custom dashboard that’s updated in real time that makes it easy to understand all of your key metrics at a glance.

Search Console helps Google understand your website. Through this platform you can improve your search engine rankings and monitor any technical issues on your website.

We’ll take care of everything within your Search Console, including fixing any errors or making improvements Google suggests.

5 Essentials for Keeping Your Website Safe

Do you know what it takes to maintain your website? Download our free guide to understand how to keep your WordPress website safe and learn about the regular maintenance that your website needs to stay secure.

WordPress Website Care Plans

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