Understanding that Marketing takes Time (Podcast)

Marketing takes time

I was recently asked to be on the Marketing Development Podcast hosted by Pete Everitt We had a great discussion on how GOOD marketing takes time, the importance of strategy, and how being authentic is the most effective plan.

There’s a little something for everyone in this episode— from the small business owner “marketing” for the first time, to the seasoned vet.

Here’s the episode:

We also talked quite a bit about social media marketing, which goes along nicely with a article I published recently call The What, When Why, & How of Facebook Marketing for Businesses. If you are feeling “stuck” knowing how you can take advantage of the billions of people on Facebook, this little guide should help you out.

Big thanks to Pete for having me on the show. If you are in a position that you want to grow your business and you understand that marketing is a big piece of that puzzle, there are already 63 episodes in this library and I rarely miss any of them! He covers a wide range of topics, but you can leave each episode with a new actionable item (or 10!) that you can put in place for your business straight away.


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